Silk Fabrics

Silk Fabrics~Nishijin Kinran Made in Kyoto


“Nishijin Okamoto” was established in Kyoto over a hundred years ago in the 1880’s.
We are now producing two types of fabrics.
One is the gold brocade fabric which is called Nishijin Kinran, a traditional Japanese craft which has been hand-woven by craftsmen for over 1,000 years.
Our products have been purchased for many years by the Japanese Imperial Family, Buddhist temple officials and dignitaries.
Alongside the traditional fabric we produce, in recent years we have started to weave new types of textiles by machine.
Now we have decided to expand our business overseas and weave textiles that people all over the world can appreciate and enjoy.
We manufacture HIGH QUALITY ORDER MADE SILK FABRICS to our customers’ requested colours and design.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Silk Satin Donsu

Hemp leaf Large Pattern / Small Pattern

Three Rhombus Diamond Shape Connect

Fill with Teasure


Diamond shape Connect

Leaf Vein


Spinning top Connect

Cherry Blossoms

Snow Crystal




Polka Dot

Swallow Arrow

Feather of the Peacock

Monstera Large Pattern / Small Pattern


Monstera and Birds