Table Runner

As one of KINRAN, the gold brocade, weavers in Kyoto Nishijin with more than 100 years of history, OkamotoOrimono, is proud to offer our ‘table runners’.

There are the woven cloth, which is called KINRAN in Japan. These gorgeous textiles made lavish use of gold. The best quality KINRAN is mainly produced in Nishijin, Kyoto. However, here in Nishijin, there is KINRAN called MUKINMONO that gold isn’t woven into. From the textile which expressed Japanese Wabi-Sabi to the truly gorgeous silk fabrics, all of them are KINRAN in Nishijin.

KINRAN is used for the various decorations such as ‘clothes of the dolls’ and ‘mounting’ of hanging scrolls, ‘stole/vestment’ for Buddhist monks, ‘altar-cloth/altar drape’ to decorate Buddhist image seat/Buddhist altar.

Various kinds of gold color thread are used and especially fine gold thread is used for high-grade KINRAN.

We made table runners out of Nishijin KINRAN.  Create your living space more with elegant and upscale images.

Please decorate the table for special events from tea parties to cocktail parties or high-class parties. Displaying a table runner effects light and shadow more beautifuly.

We use pure silk for the both warp and weft of our KINRAN, and keep a high-quality feel. You can appreciate it if you look at it once at hand. We put it in a box of paulownia wood and send it out.

西陣金襴 散雲丸龍 -Cloud & Dragon Pattern- Table Runner, Nishijin KINRAN


Dragons have been known as mysterious divine beasts/sacred beasts since ancient time. According to legend dragons cry, call thunderclouds and storms, become tornado, rise very high in the sky and fly at will. We designed the dragons and precious orbs in treasured mirrors. It’s full of auspicious things with the dragons, precious orbs and treasured mirrors.

Length: About 224cm (88 inches)
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colors:whity brown, navy blue, vermilion red

西陣金襴 燕矢紋様 -Swallow Pattern- Table Runner, Nishijin KINRAN

Swallows build their nests in many parts of the world including Kyoto.

They go to other countries when the season changes, and we expressed the longing for “flying in the sky and experiencing the world like swallows”.

This design will take your heart away and help you to have a lovely time to get away from it all.

Length: About 151cm (59 inches)
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colors:whity brown, navy blue

西陣金襴 羽重紋様 -Peacock’s Feather Pattern- Table Runner, Nishijin KINRAN

Peacock’s shiny deep green and blue feather. From the ancient times, it has been taken that people like royal and aristocratic prisoners as symbol of quality and nobility. Based on Shosoin documents, it is estimated that Emperor Shomu (AD 724 – 749) who erected the Vairocana Buddha, had a peacock during the Nara Period. The figure that peacocks open their wings looks like a fan. We connected those feathers and made it a one piece pattern.

Length: About 151cm (59 inches)
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colors:whity brown, navy blue

西陣金襴 阿弗利加紋様 -African Pattern- Table Runner, Pure Silk, Nishijin KINRAN

Everyone must have felt romance to the African Continent at least once. The pattern of the glittering savanna create an atmosphere where you can feel adventure and throbbing.

Length: About 151cm (59 inches)
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colors:whity brown, navy blue

西陣金襴 滴紋様 -Raindrop Pattern- Table Runner, Pure Silk, Nishijin KINRAN

Length: About 151cm (59 inches)
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colors:whity brown

If you would like to know more about KINRAN, please read the following.

‘Real Gold Leaf Thread’ is made by putting gold leaf on the superior Japanese paper, which is used for making Japanese bills, with the lacquer and then shredding it.  There are a wide variety of beautiful leaf such as;  Hikari-haku (Light Leaf) which glisten.  Sabi-haku (Subdued Leaf) which has a semidull luster.  Gara-haku (Pattern Leaf), which a pattern has been woven into the leaf in the order of pattern that was cut after it was drawn.  Platinum-haku (Platinum Leaf).  Gin-haku (Silber Leaf).

The thread which a core is put in a gold leaf thread and twisted is called Kinshi (Gold Thread).  All of them are beautiful fabrics woven in the traditional skills with many years of experience.

KINRAN made in Nishijin have been used as ‘cloth to royally decorate shrines and temples’, ‘stole for Buddhist monks’, ‘tea utensil’, and more.  Actually, the craft of KINRAN has not changed traditionally and has incorporated the design from different parts of the world.  With its roots in ‘Todai-ji Temple Shoso-in Treasure Repository’, the patterns keep on evolving by incorporating new design of successive periods such as ‘Treasure Motif from Western Europe’.

Like ‘continuity and change’ which is a style of Matsuo Basho (ref.1), the tradition has been constantly changing by taking on the new changes without changing essential quality.

KINRAN shows its true beauty in the semidarkness although it looks  beautiful in the bright light also.

Like Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (ref.2) has expressed in his essay “In Praise of Shadows (ref.3),” the beauty is built on the balance of “light and the shadow.”

ref.1: Matsuo Basho (1644 – 1694) is one of the most celebrated Japanese poets.
ref.2: Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (1886 – 1965) is one of the major writers of modern Japanese literature and the novelist.
ref.3: “In Praise of Shadows” (1933) is an essay on Japanese aesthetics by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki.

Because these table runners are individually hand-made, there are some difference in size.

Since we do not mass-produce our product, it might take time from order to shipping.In the case of custom-made, please understand that it takes more time to creat one.

Because the product is of high-value, we take all possible measures to ensure shipment. Therefore, it may take a while to arrive.

The actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

Fake gold threads are woven into these all silk (except foil and gold thread) table runners. We also make table planners with fine gold leaf, however you can purchase them only in two piece units.

You cannot make credit-card payment on our site. If you wish to pay by credit card, please purchase through minne’s page.

All photography is by 株式会社理念系映像集団

撮影協力 レストラン パスカル・ペニョ
妙心寺塔頭 慧照院

Translation cooperetion by  翻訳サービス 土江田 和英&英和 FB

We would like to thank you for having purchased our OkamotoOrimono’s product.

We will be very happy if you like it.

Please read the details below:

– Material
Warp Yarn: silk
Weft Yarn: silk, gold thread
– It’s sensitive to sulfur ingredients, please keep it away from rubber bands(Kinran is weak in sulfur component.).
– It’s recommended to store in the dark.
– It’s sensitive to friction.
– If it’s exposed to water, the color may fade and run.

– Made in Kyoto.
OkamotoOrimono CO., LTD

Kyoto Kamigyouku Ogawadouri Ichijouagaru Koudoucho 576