2018年2月14日 The Japan News

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2018年2月14日 The Japan News
2018年2月14日 The Japan News

Fan-shaped bag

Designed as an accessory for parties, this clutch bag is created from Nishijin-ori kinran brocade, a traditional textile woven from 100 percent pure silk and gold thread, plus enamel-coated goat lather from Italy.
It is created in the shape of a folding fan, an accessory much loved in Japan since ancient times, Nishijin-ori kinran brocade has been prized since time immemorial as a traditional fabric, used for the brocade curtains and altar clothes which provide glorious decoration in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan, as well as in the stoles worn by Buddhist monks, the special fabrics prescribed for tea ceremony items and other applications.
Yet its special cham, with a beauty that is both modern and distinctively Japanese, is also highly appealing to modern eyes, and it is now being incorporated into various designs all over the world.
Using only thread of the purest silk, this clutch bag is not only high-quality in appearance but also feel luxurious to the touch.
This is a bag that is sure to beautifully set off any outfit when taken as an accessory to a party or special occasion.
This very special piece is a chance to experience the loveliness of Kyoto’s Nishijin ori brocade tradition.

扇形クラッチバッグ Fan-shaped bag